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Who am I? I am someone who LOVES all types of crafts especially sewing and crocheting. During my years of crafting, I have assumed the nickname of “Dabbler” because I have tried just about everything. Keeping my hands busy and my mind working overtime has resulted in some very wonderful outcomes. For me, there is nothing like opening a brand new skein of yarn or running my hands along a new piece of fabric just itching to be made into something special. I am wanting to share my abilities and experiences to those of you who are interested in learning to be creative with “stitching” or giving new ideas or hints helpful to those who already have the stitching bug!!

My end goal is to pass along these skills, especially to the very young generation, so that stitch4ever is always happening for someone and never gets lost in the daily shuffle of life.  You are always welcome to visit me on Ravelry too!!

Take a moment and stop by my two Etsy shops to see some of my handcrafted creations. and!!



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