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Crochet Barbie Cross Over Body Bag



Use leftover scrap yarn probably around 10 – 30 yards depending upon type of yarn and size of hook used.  In my finished design, I used a Size C (2.75mm) hook and a Fine (2) cotton yarn.


Chain 13

Make 2 single crochets (sc) in 2nd chain from hook.

Continue by making 10 sc.

In last chain make 2 sc in that stitch

Continuing around make 10 sc down the back side of your starting chain.  Slip stitch (sl st) join in last chain.


Chain 1

2 sc in each of the next 2 sc stitches.

10 sc

2 sc in each of the next 2 sc stitches

10 sc

Sl st join in chain 1


Chain 1

1 sc in each stitch around back loop only (blo) for 29 stitches

Sl st join in chain 1

Chain 2

29 half double crochets (hdc) in front loop only (flo).

Sl st join in top of chain 2

Sl st into 1 hdc and chain 3

29 double crochets (dc) in blo.

Sl st join in top of chain 3

Chain 2

1 hdc crochet in next stitch in flo

*crochet 2 half double crochets together (2hdctog) in flo

1 hdc in next stitch

1 hdc in next stitch

crochet 2hdctog – repeat from * around ending round with 2 hdc in last stitch.

Sl st join into top of chain 2

Chain 1 and sc in same stitch

*Crochet 2sctog, next stitch 1 sc, 2sctog, 1 sc  – repeat from * around ending with 1 sc

Sl st join in sc

Crochet 30 chains or as many as you would like, smaller chain (15 chains) for a handbag or more chains for a cross body tote (45 chains).  Remove hook and insert into 8th or 9th stitch from beginning from outside edge of bag and pull loop through.  Slip hook through back loop of same stitch and last chain of strap (3 loops on hook) yarn over (y0) and pull through all three loops.  Crochet along chain making sc heading back to beginning side.  Remove hook and from the outside of purse, insert hook through same loop and pull through, yo and pull through all loops on hook.


Continue around top edge of purse making 16 slip stitches and fasten off.  Decorate with a button, flower or just leave as is 🙂

As always, I ask that you DO NOT SELL this pattern or claim it as your own.  I have no problems with you selling items made from this pattern but would be very grateful if you would please acknowledge my website as the creator of this pattern.  Thank you and as always:



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