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Here’s a super fast crochet Star pattern that I designed that could be used for many different projects.  In my sample, I used 100% cotton (Lily, Sugar ‘n Cream yarn) and a Size G crochet hook.  The following stitches were used:

Half double crochet (HDC), Double crochet (DC), Treble crochet (TR), Slip stitch (SL), and PICOT stitch (chain ((CH)) 3 and make a SL stitch in 1st chain).


Pattern Directions:

Begin by making a “magic loop” crocheting 10 HDC,  join with SL in 1st HDC.

Round 2:  Complete 2 HDC in each HDC stitch from previous row for a total of 20 HDC, join with a SL in 1st HDC,   CH 1.

Round 3:  In 1st HDC (where join was completed) crochet 1 HDC,  1 DC,  1 TR,  do a picot stitch (CH 3  SL in 1st chain made), still in same stitch  1 TR,  1 DC,  1 HDC (completes pattern for 1st point).  Skip next stitch, which will be partially covered by your 1st point of star.  Complete a SL stitch in next stitch, Skip next stitch.      * In next stitch,  1 HDC,  1 DC,  1 TR, do a Picot Stitch,  1 TR,  1 DC,  1 HDC, skip next stitch, SL in next stitch, skip next stitch.  Continue from * to end completing 5 points of your Star.  Fasten off and weave in your ends.

I did steam by stars and shaped them with my fingers while warm to help make the points sharp.   ENJOY!!























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