Updated Free Crochet Star Pattern


Here’s a super fast crochet Star pattern that I designed that could be used for many different projects.  In my sample, I used 100% cotton (Lily, Sugar ‘n Cream yarn) and a Size G crochet hook.  The following stitches were used:

Half double crochet (HDC), Double crochet (DC), Treble crochet (TR), Slip stitch (SL), and PICOT stitch (chain ((CH)) 3 and make a SL stitch in 1st chain).


Pattern Directions:

Begin by making a “magic loop” crocheting 10 HDC,  join with SL in 1st HDC.

10 HDC forming Magic Loop

Round 2:   CH 2 (counts as 1st HDC) make another HDC in same stitch.  Complete 2 HDC in each HDC stitch from previous row for a total of 20 HDC, join with a SL in top of 2nd chain stitch.  CH 1.

20 HDC Completed

Round 3:  In 1st HDC, crochet 1 HDC,  1 DC,  1 TR,  do a picot stitch (CH 3  SL in 1st chain made), still in same stitch  1 TR,  1 DC,  1 HDC (completes pattern for 1st point).  Skip next stitch, which will be partially covered by your 1st point of star.  Complete a SL stitch in next stitch, Skip next stitch.      * In next stitch,  1 HDC,  1 DC,  1 TR, do a Picot Stitch,  1 TR,  1 DC,  1 HDC,  Skip next stitch, SL in next stitch, skip next stitch.  Continue from * to end of round, for last star point SL stitch into base of 1st star point –  completing 5 points of your Star.  Fasten off and weave in your ends.  Or you can add a hanging loop.

Showing where to do Picot Stitch

ADD HANGING LOOP (Optional) – At the completion of your last SL stitch, Chain 4, turn your star to back side, SL join under 2 stitches of the HDC, rotate star and then SL under the CH 4.  Now Chain 20 and SL stitch under the Chain 4 again.  Fasten off leaving a long tail to do the finishing touches.

Showing Where to Attach Chain 4

SL Stitch Under the Chain 4

Thread your darning needle and wrap tail over the loop and weave tail through several stitches on the back of the last star point.  Do this again, pull snug and then weave in your ends.  You can weave in your end back down to the center and attach a sparkly button to the front of your star for shimmer or just leave it plain.

Finishing Touches for Loop

Wrapping Tail Around Base of Loop

More Loop Wrapping Pictures

Decorating With A Button

These stars will be fun as small ornaments, gift tags, make into a garland – let your creative juices flows.

Some Finished Stars

I did steam these stars and shaped them with my fingers while warm to help make the points sharp.   ENJOY!!






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