Welcome 2015

Here we are ushering in another New Year!!¬† I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season, not too stressful, and looking forward to new ideas to keep those “little grey cells” active ūüôā Just updated my blog on sewing knit cuffs with more detailed pictures and instructions.¬† Check it out!! New goals and resolutions¬†always seem to¬†get¬†me started in a new year.¬† First on my list is to reorganize my sewing/craft room.¬† Did a ton of projects and, of course, pulled out all my stash fabric and yarn and now have to put it all away until the next idea pops in my head!! I do organize¬†my fabrics and yarns by type (cotton, acrylic, thread,) rather than color.¬† I use clear, plastic bins so I can quickly look inside even though I put labels on the outside of each bin too. I have several thread holders mounted on my wall beside my sewing machines so I can quickly see what color I need¬†and just purchased another ribbon organizer for my growing¬†¬†spools of grosgrain ribbon. Working on putting my patterns into notebooks, still like to use paper and¬†don’t keep everything on the computer/iPad in case something goes awry in the computer world.¬† I’m not very good about keeping things backed up ūüôĀ As you begin your new year, I would love to hear how you keep your sewing/craft room organized.¬† Always looking to share new tips and ideas and ways to recycle things I have at home to help me stay organized too.


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Welcome 2014

It is always an exciting moment when I hang up the new calendar welcoming in the New Year!!  For me, it is like a clean slate just begging to have something new written on it.


Already have some new fabrics and yarns just waiting to be designed into wonderful new projects!!¬† Purchased a new raspberry blaze color of hand dyed, sock weight yarn by Dream,,¬†called “smooshy”.¬† Now who just wouldn’t want a smooshy in their yarn stash.¬† It is a merino wool, cashmere and nylon blend and very, very squishy soft.¬† Haven’t decided what I am going to make with it just yet but I know whatever it is will be scrumptious.

Also, picked up a Malabrigo yarn that will be perfect for a warm winter cowl.  And, of course, several new cotton fabrics that will be made into totes and whatever else I might decide to sew.


I hope your New Year starts off with some smooshy yarns and wonderful textiles just waiting to be designed into your something special item.¬† I want to “Thank” everyone who has visited my blog and I look forward to this coming year with new ideas, discussions¬†and designs.¬† If you have something in particular that you want me to talk about, please let me know your questions, thoughts, and/or ideas.¬† Always another way to stir up those creative juices and, hopefully, give insight to new and old techniques.


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