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Crochet Pine Tree Pattern

A  little pine tree is always a great addition to your pattern collection.   I have designed a quick, little crochet pine tree that you can embellish and turn it into a Christmas tree that could be used as an ornament, maybe a unique tag for a special gift or make it to use as an applique!!     





Here’s the scoop:   I used two thread types – Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3 thread (Sage Green color) and Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10 thread (Christmas Green color) for the tree and Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3 (true Brown color) for the trunk.  My hook sizes were a C/2-2.75mm for tree and size 5/1.90mm (steel hook) for trunk.

Using the sage green and Christmas green together, make 18 chain (Ch) stitches.

In 3rd chain from hook, complete a Dc (double crochet), make 15 more Dc stitches to end of row, Ch 2, turn.

Rnd 2:  1 Dc Dec (double crochet decrease),  12 Dc,  1 Dc Dec,  Ch 2,  turn.

Rnd 3:  1 Dc Dec,  10 Dc,  1 Dc Dec,  Ch 2,  turn.

Rnd 4:  1 Dc Dec,  8 Dc,  1 Dc Dec,  Ch 2,  turn.

Rnd 5:  1 Dc Dec,  6 Dc,  1 Dc Dec,  Ch 2,  turn.

Rnd 6:  1 Dc Dec,  4 Dc,  1 Dc Dec,  Ch 2, turn.

Rnd 7:  2 Dc Dec  –  Don’t Fasten Off

Rnd 8:  Forming loop –  working directly from last stitch, Ch 12, work Sc (single crochet) in top of last Dc Dec.

Rnd 9:  Ch 1, then complete a slip stitch in each of the chains just completed.  Fasten Off, leaving about a 6″ – 8″ tail.

Wrap tail around the bottom of the loop, pull tail through your wrap and then weave securely through the stitches on the back side.

Making trunk:  Using the size 3 brown thread and the #5 steel hook, skip the first 6 stitches on bottom edge and complete 6 Sc,  Ch l,  turn.   Repeat this pattern for a total of 6 rows and fasten off.

Now your little tree is ready as is or take time to embellish it with tiny buttons or sequins and beads or maybe use pre-made ribbon bows or roses.  You can hand sew your buttons to the tree or use a Fabri-Tac glue to secure your decorations.  Maybe a “little one” could help you pick out what buttons or beads to use for your decorating.  Then have them hang it on your tree, would make awesome gift tags, garland or use it for whatever creative idea will work for you.


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