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A Quick ‘n Cozy Crocheted Fun Winter Beanie

There is nothing like a cozy crocheted beanie hat for winter, especially to hide those “bad hair” days!!  This pattern is super simple and can be crocheted to your own designs very easily too.  You can make one of these cute beanies in an evening while watching TV!

I begin the beanie by “working in the round” to create the crown piece for the hat using a double crochet (DC) stitch and continue working  in the round until I fasten off.  For an adult beanie, I use a crochet hook (Size I), crocheting in the round completing through the fifth round.  Please refer to blog post Crochet Designing Tips – Working in the Round for complete instructions on how to create your circle.Example of DC crown piece

Once I have completed the fifth round of increases for my crown piece circle, I join with a slip stitch, CH 2 and continue making my DC rounds (no more increases) until I get to the finished length that works for me, which is an additional 13-15 rounds.  NOTE:  At the end of each DC round, I join with a SL stitch and CH 2 and then proceed with my DC.  This helps to keep the shape intact.   I like to be able to fold up my beanie a couple of inches on itself for extra warmth for my ears.  You have creativity here based on your desires and likes, if you don’t want to be able to fold up your beanie than only crochet an additional 12-13 rounds and if you want a deeper fold maybe crochet 16-17 extra rounds.  It really is a personal preference.

After completing my DC rounds, I like to give a finished look to the beanie by crocheting another 3 rounds of single crochet (SC) stitches. Sample beanie

Just remember when working in the round to be sure to place a marker to indicate a row/round so you know where you are in the pattern and to help with counting your rows/rounds.

This is a very easy pattern that can be adjusted to fit many different sizes for babies, children and adults.  Just change your crochet hook size and the number of rounds after making your crown piece circle.  Hook size recommendations and suggested rounds for different sizes  once you have your crown piece circle completed are:

  • Size F for newborn (maybe D or E if you’re making for a preemie) and  7 DC rounds plus 3 rounds of SC
  • Size G for toddlers and  10 DC rounds plus 3 rounds of SC
  • Size H for children and 12-13 DC rounds plus 3 rounds of SC
  • Size I for adults and 13-15 DC rounds plus 3 rounds of SC

Again, the rounds are a personal preference thing depending upon what look you want from the finished beanie.  Once you have made one or two, you will know what works best for your needs.

Have fun with this pattern and experiment with different stitches too.  You could crochet this pattern is all half double crochet (HDC) stitches if you want.  Just remember it is a shorter length stitch and you might need to increase your rows/rounds to get the length desired.

Another look would be to complete  your crown circle piece in DC and then alternate your rounds between DC and HDC finishing off with a couple of rows of SC.  Adding crochet motifs to your beanie will give it a truly custom look too.

This is a truly wonderful beanie pattern for making extras to donate to schools, hospitals, etc.

FYI:  I like to use a 4 ply worsted weight yarn that has some lamb wool blended in for good warmth.  One skein will complete an adult beanie easily.


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