Sewing Must Haves

Having the right tool for the right job is always a plus even for sewing projects.  I’m sure anyone who does crafting or sewing, even the very casual sewer, has the very basic items readily available; like a good pair of scissors, needle and thread.

Here are some worthwhile tools that I’m sure you will find helpful to give your sewing projects that professional look and feel.   A well equipped sewing room always has a seam ripper at hand, maybe even two.  You will just have those moments when it will be necessary to utilize the seam ripper and this tool does make fast work of taking out thread.

Another great tool to have at your disposal is a knit picker.   You know how your favorite sweater will get a snag and you end up with a pulled thread, well the knit picker makes fast work of pulling that loop to the wrong side of the material and you cannot tell that there was ever a snag.

Fray check is another one of my personal favorite sewing aids.  The name says it all!!  This liquid, when dry, helps to keep fabric and/or threads from fraying.   Easy to use and is machine washable and dry cleanable.

Sewing snips are a convenient item to have for cutting threads.  They are lighter than a pair of scissors and  you use only one motion for snipping those threads.

A needle threader, tweezers and a soft measuring tape are very useful items to have readily available too.  A turning/stuffing tool is super nice to have when you have to turn a corner to the right side or getting batting into small areas.  Actually, I have had success using a knitting needle or a chop stick to help make a crisp corner or pushing that little bit of batting into place.

Elastic  threaders or a bodkin are great to use to help pull elastic through a casing.   Safety pins are a must too and can also be attached to the end of elastic for threading through a casing.

A couple of more unusual items to have in your sewing basket are a telescopic magnet and a magnifying glass. The magnet is a great tool to help pick up those pins that you know are going to spill or to find that one illusive pin that dropped onto the rug and you can’t see it.  Speaking of can’t seeing, the magnifying glass gives you that extra oomph when looking at very small, detailed work.

These little sewing aids are not only perfect for the seamstress/crafter but also having them available in a little bin in your closet or desk drawer at work for those times when a clothing mishap presents itself would be an unexpected pleasure!!


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