Best Marking Tool

You know when you are sewing or quilting,  you sometimes have to mark your fabric so that you can stitch an accurate line.  There are many different tools available for you to use that can be found at your local sewing store.  However, I have found that the best thing to use to mark your fabric is a bar of soap.

You know how you always end up with those little remnants of soap pieces!!  Well, they are perfect to use for marking on your fabric.   The soap makes a nice, white line which is simple to follow and easy on your needle and sewing machine too.   And best of all, once you have completed the stitching along your soap line, all you have to do is steam is out of your fabric.

I would not recommend using a soap that has lotion within its contents but just about everything else works get.  When the edge of the soap gets rounded, just go wash your hands with it to give yourself a sharper edge to work with.

A perfect use for all those little “hotel” soaps that you collect too.   This is truly a sewing notion that you will always want to keep within your sewing basket!


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