Crochet Pumpkin with Leaf Tutorial

I found this fantastic free pattern on Knit Picks by Hannah Maier, I believe it can be found also on Ravelry.  It is actually two patterns – one for knitting and one for crocheting.


I created the crochet version, which was called the Clove Pumpkin.  The yarn that I chose was Lily, The Original Sugar ‘n Cream cotton.  I crocheted one using a Size H hook and the other one I used a Size E.  I didn’t vary from the directions given but wanted to add a leaf to my pumpkin as well as that little curly Q feature you sometimes see on a real pumpkin.  So I spent an evening designing this little leaf that I really like.


Here are the directions for the leaf:  I used the same yarn type as I did for the pumpkin and made my leaf with a Size H crochet hook.  In the smaller version, I used a Size E hook for my leaf.

Chain 22, skip first two chains then SL (slip stitch) in next 9 chains.  In next chain complete 1 HDC, 1 DC, 1 TRB, in next chain – 2 TRB, next chain – 2 TRB, next chain – 2 HTRB, next chain – 2 HTRB, next chain – 2 DC, next chain – 2 DC, next chain – 1 HDC, next chain – 1 HDC, next chain – 1 HDC, last chain – 3 SC.

Now you want to basically reverse that stitch pattern on the back side of the chain stitches.  1 HDC, 1 HDC,  1 HDC, 2 DC, 2 DC, 2 HTRB, 2 HTRB, 2 TRB, 2 TRB, last chain 1TRB, 1DC, and 1 HDC.  Viola, you end up with this really cute leaf.  I just stitched it to the center of the pumpkin along with the stem.  SONY DSC

Also, in my smaller version, I created 8 pumpkin ridges just for some variations.  I have been placing them around my house and will use some for a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving!!

Thank you Hannah Maier so much for sharing such a cute pumpkin pattern.  Love it 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Crochet Pumpkin with Leaf Tutorial

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    • Carole,
      The HTRB is what I call a Half Treble crochet stitch. Not sure if there is technically a stitch called that but here is how I crochet that stitch. Wrap two times around your hook, just like making a Treble stitch, insert into the loop according to your pattern direction, wrap another loop and pull through (having 4 loops on your hook), then wrap around your hook and pull through two loops, wrap again and pull through the remaining 3 loops. It is like making a DC but because you pull through 3 loops at the end it gives just a little extra in height and thickness. Sometimes I don’t like to have such a sharp drop off between stitches and this HTRB gives me that. Yes it is in the leaf tutorial with the pumpkin pattern. Hopefully, this helps you out and thanks for asking. Nancy 🙂

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