Repurposed Keepsake

Here’s an idea to keep on your bulletin board or where ever you might have future projects waiting to be made (under fabric and yarn, taped to a calendar, in a drawer, etc.)  Always working hard at staying organized but some of you know how that is!! IMG_20110831_183900

 Take a moment to click on the picture to see the entire Cat family!!

Anyways, I was working my booth at a craft show and got to talking with a very nice woman who had lost her husband about a year ago.  Some of my handmade merchandise is made from 100% cotton and she wondered if I would be willing to sew for her using fabrics provided by her.  To make a long story short, she wanted to give her children and grandchildren a keepsake made from her husband’s shirts.  In particular, she wanted cats. IMG_20110828_155918 So I found this cat pattern and she gave me several 100% cotton dress shirts as well as polo style and T-shirts.  I used her husband’s clothing to make these really adorable cats.  She said that some of the shirts were gifts given to her husband by their children and grandchildren.  So she was going to give back to them this remembrance cat made from the gift they had given to her husband.  What a touching keepsake!! Ribbon was added as a cute accent.  She was thrilled with how they turned out and I was touched each time I sewed one.  What a beautiful repurposing memory for all of them to treasure!!


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