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Deciding upon an Applique Design

There are a lot of things you can do with a simple applique whether it is a purchased design or one created by yourself.  It is a quick way to update a piece of clothing to give it your own personal look and feel.

Making your own applique design doesn’t have to be labor intensive.  There are many ways to help you create that very special look you want.  Flipping through a basic coloring book is a quick resource idea for animals, trucks, planes, flowers, hearts, etc.

When searching for an applique design for your T-shirt,  keep in mind proportions and details.   You don’t want your applique to be too big or too small for your shirt  and you will find it an easier process if the design is more simple.

Of course, you can’t beat searching through internet sites either for that perfect design.  Twistynoodle is a wonderful site with 100’s of free coloring pages for kids which can be turned into an applique design too.

Fonts are another great source to get that unique alphabet letter you might want.  Of course, the internet offers a lot of  free selections like Dafont or 1001 Free Fonts to help you make that perfect design selection.

Again, select a coloring book page with that special character your little one might love.  Or search the web for their favorite character and see if you can draw a simple likeness to use as an applique design.  Free applique, planet applique or laughing lizards are sites specializing in designs too.

Have your child help you in the design process, especially if you are making it for them.  It really will be more special to him or her if they played an active role in creating their unique look.


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