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Chain Stitch Tip

Can’t believe we are beginning another year and I hope you all experience your most creative year ever!!  For me, I have just completed my first year of blogging on stitch4ever and I am looking forward to another year of exciting and creative techniques, ideas, patterns and whatever else pops into my head!?!?!?  If you have any questions, tips or suggestions that you would like to share, please just leave me a comment and we will go from there!!

I thought I would begin this year with a chain stitching tip that seems to work nicely for me and I hope will do the same for you.

With crocheting, most patterns will begin by having you crochet the required number of chain stitches.  It is a very easy looping technique and gives you the foundation for your project.  The problem I always seem to encounter is that I tend to make tighter chain stitches then my actual crochet stitches and this can create a slight curve to the bottom edge of my pattern.   I have tried to crochet loose chain stitches but still without much success.

Then one evening the light bulb went off in my cluttered mind and I thought, hey, why don’t I just complete my chain stitches using the next size larger crochet hook.   Viola, no more tight chains to deal with.   So if my pattern calls for using a Size G hook, I complete my chain stitches using a Size H hook and then I continue the pattern by crocheting with the required Size G hook.  Anyways, I have had success with my crocheting using this simple technique and I hope it helps you too, if you haven’t already thought about it!


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