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Mother’s Day Sachet

Looking for a quick little gift or need a favor for a wedding shower or maybe you just want to add an accent to highlight a pretty wrapped package then this sachet should work for you. SONY DSC I have just taken two of the Fun, Little Crochet Heart Applique pattern and crochet them together leaving an opening for stuffing.   I placed two hearts, wrong sides together and began at the bottom point with a Slip (sl) stitch.  Then I just made a single crochet (sc) in next stitch, chain (ch) 1, and continued in this pattern all around the two hearts {1 sc-1ch, 1sc-1ch}.  I did a Slip (sl) stitch in the deep curve area of the heart and then continued with the single crochet and chain pattern until I was back at my starting point.  Fasten off and weave in  your ends. **Remember to stop and leave a small opening and stuff your heart with a little batting or cotton balls that have been sprayed with a favorite perfume then continue crocheting until you reach your starting point. My sample was created using Lily Sugar n Cream 100% cotton yarn with a Size G hook.  I wanted a reversible look so I did a pink heart for one side, a white heart for the other side and joined creating my small ruffled edge with a variegated yarn. SONY DSC SONY DSCThis design lends itself to all kinds of possibilities depending upon the type of yarn you use and your hook size to create a larger sachet or pin cushion or smaller more dainty styles.  Also, adding some unique or vintage buttons or ribbons will really give your project that one-of-a-kind personal touch. 🙂


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