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Simple Crochet Napkin Ring

Here’s an easy pattern for a crochet napkin ring which gives you lots of creative options to make it match your decor or crochet this design in holiday colors.

Stitches used:

CH – chain

SC – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

SL – slip stitch

Any type of yarn will work for this pattern.  My sample I used a 4 ply cotton yarn for napkin ring body and a size 10 thread for the edges.  I crochet body using a size G hook and the edging I used a size C.

Begin by doing 20 CH stitches.  Join with a SL stitch to form a ring  making sure your chain doesn’t twist.

Rnd 1:  CH 2.  Make 19 HDC in each chain stitch,  join round by making a SL into top of beginning CH 2.

Rnd 2:  CH 2, turn.  Make 19 HDC, join round by making a SL into top of beginning CH 2.

Rnd 3, 4, and 5:  Make exactly like Rnd 2.

Fasten off and weave your ends into your work.

Wow, you have a wonderful napkin ring just the way it is but the fun really begins now because you can do so much to personalize your project.  You could simply tie on a unique button with some thin satin ribbon centered in the middle of your HDC.  Or maybe you would like to add a small crochet rose or a different kind of flower design, or heart, or  star.  Making a design using sequins and beads is another creative option to give your napkin ring the personality that you are looking for.  The ideas are endless.

Using a smaller ply yarn for your accents will give you some nice depth or texture to your finished project.  For the holidays, think about using a bamboo thread that has some sparkle to it.

In my sample, I just edged the napkin ring in some red and green size 10 thread.    I began by making a SC into any of the HDC stitches.  Then I chained 3, made another SC in that same stitch,  CH 3.  Made a SC in the next stitch, CH 3, made a second SC in that same stitch, CH 3.  I continued in this fashion until I reached the end of the full round of the napkin ring then I fastened off.  Did the same stitches on the other side of the napkin ring using the other color.

If you would like a more sleek look, just do a SC in each HDC around the ring and fasten off.  I suggest using a size 3 or 4 ply yarn for that look.

This is also a simple project that a young person could easily crochet and make as a gift for someone special.  Crochet using a variety of different colors – shades of brown, green, yellow, orange, red – would look beautiful for a Thanksgiving table.

  • TIP:  When adding yarn for your edging, I like to make my starting place at the point where I joined each round.


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