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DIY Yarn Holder

Found this idea on Pinterest and revamped it to fit my space and the yarn that I wanted it to hold.  This was a really quick project to complete and I love it.  Filled a relatively useless space to store tons of yarn and it is very easy to see the color I want at a glance. SONY DSC I purchased 4″ diameter PVC pipes and cut them into 11″ long tubes.  Sanded the edges smooth and glued them together using PVC contact cement/glue.  Was a little wobbly so I used a small L bracket/angle iron and attached to the inside of one tube and then attached to the wall.  Try to find a stud in the wall to make it very secure. Then the fun began, stuffing the tubes with the acrylic yarns that I use.  This idea is very versatile and can be designed in many ways to fit your space and store your goodies 🙂


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