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A Scrappy Moment

If you love and enjoy sewing and quilting projects as much as I do, you know that you always have a ton of SCRAP fabrics leftover.  I just have the hardest time throwing those little scraps away.  I tell myself that surely I can find another use for them.   In the meantime, I neatly (as best as you can neatly store scraps) place them into a large plastic storage bin waiting for just that perfect project.

Actually. what really ends up happening is that storage bin has become the greatest place for little fingers to rummage through and get their creative juices flowing.  Needle and thread is not always required but sometimes glue is a must!!

A lot of those little scraps turn into baby doll clothing and accessories, especially for Barbie and her friends.  Take a simple rectangle of fabric, cut two small circles for arms, take a narrow strip of another scrap for a belt and viola you have a coat, or a beach coverup, or a dress whatever design fits the moment.   Make a temporary bed for your doll by laying out another square or rectangle of fabric placing it on the floor then fold up another scrap for a pillow.   A wonderful opportunity to be creative, not only with a simple design but also with color and texture.

One of my favorite scrappy projects is to let your little one select several different colored scraps (blue, green, yellow, red,) and make a mosaic picture.

Simple supplies needed in addition to your scraps:  Scissors, Glue and Construction Paper (or any paper that you have on hand, a good time to recycle a brown paper bag).

Depending upon the age of your child, you will need to cut or help them cut out random shapes and sizes from all the colors of  fabric that they selected.   Don’t worry about fabric fraying, that is what makes it one-of-a-kind.   Let them draw a picture or a shape or just a doodle design onto the paper.  Now for the FUN part, take a fabric shape and glue it onto the drawing.  Continue gluing fabric pieces until you have a completed masterpiece!

If you have a collection of ribbons, yarns, beads, buttons that are looking for a place other than on a shelf, these items make great additions to your mosaic picture.  Please keep in mind the age of your creative little one, you don’t want to use teeny tiny items with very small children!!

  • TIP:  If your child is older,  a simple gluing method is to pour some glue into a plastic, disposable bowl, thin down with a little water, and use a paint brush to adhere the glue to your fabric shape.


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