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Changing Yarn Colors within your project

Anyways, it really, really doesn’t have to be such an ordeal no matter what process you use when it comes to changing your yarn colors.  For me, this is the best way to change yarn colors and takes all those stressful thoughts and throws them away.

All I simply do is when I come to the end of the row of where the new color is to be added, I fasten off.  For me, it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that my crochet stitches will not come unraveled.  Now turn your work to get ready for the next row and the new color.  Make a slip knot onto your crochet hook using your new color, insert your hook  into the first stitch of the next row and make a single crochet (sc) stitch and continue with your pattern.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   If you are working half double crochets (hdc),  double crochets (dc) or treble crochets (tr), you must begin your new row adding the new color with one of these stitches to give you the correct height needed to continue your pattern.  Therefore, you will make your slip knot onto your hook, yarn over once for (hdc) and (dc) and yarn over twice if continuing with a (tr) —  now insert your hook into the first stitch of new row with the correct number of yarn overs and proceed to make your appropriate stitch according to your pattern.

If making a stitch that requires you to add a yarn over loop to your hook when changing colors, keep your right index finger placed securely onto the yarn over loops to hold them close to the hook, now insert your hook into the first stitch, yarn over and when you begin to pull that loop through the stitch use your thumb and index fingers of your left hand to help securely hold the loops on your hook as you begin to pull your stitches through the required number of loops to make the designated stitch.

Now you have a completed stitch and you can finish working your crochet piece according to your directions and resume holding your work as always.

Fastened off with first color

Turned crochet work, inserting hook into first stitch with new color


Completed couple of rows with new color

  •  TIP:  I like to take my yarn ends when possible and crochet them into my rows.  I just lay the yarn ends along the top edge of the row I am currently working along and hold in place while I crochet the necessary stitches for my pattern.  Trim away any yarn pieces that don’t get woven into the stitches.  Time saving technique and you never see them in the finished work.


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