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Super Quick “Mini” Basket Pattern

I’m hosting an impromptu Easter dinner this year and wanted to add a little something to the table setting.   But time is limited, so I came up with this very cute, simple and QUICK little Easter basket that will be perfect as a place card, dessert item or a take home favor/treat gift. SONY DSC Here’s what I did:  I used a Size H hook and two strands of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarns (one solid and one variegated).  Both colors were left over little balls from previous projects. SONY DSC Round 1:  Complete a “magic loop” technique making 12 DC inside your loop.   Join with a SL stitch. SONY DSC       Round 2:  Chain 3 (counts as 1st DC) complete one more DC in that same stitch.  Continue with this increase round crocheting 2 DC in each stitch for a total of 24 DC.  Join with a SL stitch into top of chain 3.  Bottom of basket completed~~no more increases. SONY DSC Round 3:  Chain 2 (counts as 1st HDC).  In next stitch, make 1 HDC and continue making 1 HDC in each stitch around for a total of 24 HDC.  Join with SL stitch in top of chain 2. Round 4:  Chain 1 (counts as 1st SC).  Complete another 23 SC stitches around for a total of 24 SC.  Join with SL stitch into chain 1. Round 5: Chain 2 (counts as 1st HDC).  Make another 23 HDC stitches around for your total of 24 HDC.  Join with SL stitch in top of chain 2.SONY DSC Round 6~~Finished edge:  Chain 1 and now complete 24 Reverse Single Crochet (Rev SC) stitches along the upper edge.  I just talked about how to do the Rev SC on a sweet toddler hat but I was using a category 2 yarn and could make the stitch with a little twist to give a fun bump to the finished edge.  Because you are working with such a thick combo of two yarns, I eliminated the twisting portion when making my edge stitch.  Here is a great link:  www.planetjune.com/rsc to see how to do another version of the reverse single crochet without the twist effect.  Second picture shows where I placed my last Reverse Single Crochet stitch. SONY DSCSONY DSC Finishing:  I pulled my double stranded loop through my stitches to the inside of the basket and then inserted by cut yarn through the loop and pulled tight to end my stitching.  I did make a square knot (right over left ~~ left over right) to ensure that my work would not come apart.  I pulled the “magic loop” threads tight in bottom center and made another square knot to again make sure all stitches will stay in place.  I don’t mind knotting my yarn ends this way for something like this.  You will never see the knots.  Then you can weave your thread ends. SONY DSCSONY DSC Add a little Easter grass to your basket and fill it with jelly beans, robin egg candies,  marshmallow peeps (my favorite) or put your guests’ name on an egg and place the egg in the basket for a one-of-a-kind name card.   SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC You could always add buttons and bows to the basket too.  Hope you enjoy making these little baskets as much as I have. SONY DSC


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