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Crochet Designing Tips – Working in the Round

When designing a crochet project that will end up being a circle or needing a round bottom (“working in the round”), there are a few simple guidelines to follow so you don’t end up with a wavy coaster or a little bowl!!

Remember, when working in the round, you must increase  on each round so that your circle will lie flat.  If you increase too many times, you end up with a ruffled look and if you don’t increase enough, your circle curls in on itself  looking like a bowl.  The wonderful crochet world has developed a “simple” guideline to help you keep your increases in proportion with the growing diameter of your circle.

The suggested beginning circle for a SC (single crochet) design would be 6 stitches.  The beginning circle for a HDC (half double crochet) would be 8 stitches, for a DC (double crochet) begin with 12 stitches, and for a TR (treble crochet) it is best to begin with 18 stitches.

Once you have crocheted your beginning circle and joined with a SL (slip) stitch, place a marker so you know that is the start of your round.  Now for the next increase round, you will work two stitches of your choice into every stitch that forms your circle.

Again, join with a SL stitch, move your marker and get ready for your third round.  For this round, you will increase by working two stitches into every other stitch.

Repeat with your SL stitch, replace your starting point marker and begin your fourth round increases by working two stitches into every third stitch.    Your fifth round increases would be working two stitches into every fourth stitch.  Continue increasing in this pattern until your circle is as large and round as you want it to be.

By staggering your increases in the above fashion, the diameter of your circle will grow evenly and have a nice finished look.

Experiment with various types of yarns and different sized hooks to achieve a wide variety of crocheted circles.

Just imagine all the fun ways to use your circles — add them to clothing, make unique jewelry, update an old pillow or sweater or just use them alone as a wonderful coaster for that special cup of tea or coffee!!

  • TIP:  Crochet 4 CH (chain stitches), join with a SL stitch and within that circle begin your SC  –  6 CH for HDC  –  10 CH for DC  –  12 CH for TR.


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