Not the same old Resolution!!

The beginning of a new year makes us ready for resolutions of all kinds.  Why not take this time to organize all those sewing supplies, clean your sewing machine and stock up on your sewing notions!!

Make sure you have plenty of sewing needles:  Sizes 9, 10 are great for delicate fabrics, Sizes 12, 14 work for medium weight fabrics and Sizes 16, 18 are for those heavier fabrics like denim.  Sewing with a good, sharp needle can really make a difference when sewing and in the completed project itself.  One needle is good for about 15 hours of sewing.  Also, you can use little wire baskets to store your needles by sizes and types.

Now is a great time also to read your sewing machine manual again to make sure you are oiling it correctly.  Take off the needle plate and use a little brush to remove all those pesky thread fuzzies!!  Keep a small makeup brush in your supply stash to dust your machine regularly.

Purchase some new bobbins for your machine to have ready for all those projects you have dancing in your head.  Nothing worse than to begin a new activity and realize all your bobbins are filled with the wrong color of thread.  Also, organize your spools of thread by color on a thread rack.  They are ready at a glance for that inspirational moment that strikes at 10:00 p.m. or, like me, at 5:00 a.m. Take a moment to sort bias tapes, elastics, Velcro, etc. into small totes for easy access.  Small canning jars work nicely for buttons and make for a fun display too.  Sorting your buttons by color is really a time saver.

A couple of sewing references that I enjoy checking out are Clotilde and Atlanta Thread and Supply.

Just taking an afternoon or weekend getting your sewing space organized, labeled, and cleaned up will not only brighten your area but will give you that “feel good” fuel to generate new projects.


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