Knitted Cowl

Still perfecting my knitting skills but am very pleased with my completed light weight cowl, which I added a ruffled flower with a very nice decorative button to give it some pizzazz. SONY DSC I used a wonderful Madeleine Tosh DK yarn (Optic) for a cool black and white design. My needles were a size #8 and I completed the entire cowl using the Seed stitch. I’m sure a more experienced knitter would know how to do this in the round but I was more comfortable doing a provisional cast-on   and then completing a three needle bind-off. Once I had completed my bind off and had joined my two ends together,  I gathered the cowl (using a long running stitch out of the same yarn) along the bind-off edge, tied if off with a square knot and then sewed on flower and button. SONY DSC My finished cowl was approximately 7 1/2″ wide X 26″ long. I just knit until I had used up the entire skein of yarn (225 yards). Now as a somewhat beginner knitter, I really enjoyed the seed stitch but took me a little bit to figure out the pattern. Directions for the seed stitch just say, knit the purls, and purl the knits and I had to learn what a knit stitch and purl stitch looked like when I began my second row. Actually, it is a good thing to learn because if for some reason you have to put your knitting down in the middle of a row to make yourself that cup of awesome vanilla tea, you can pick it back up and know by looking at your stitch shapes what stitch you need to do next. Check out this site for good pictures of what a knit stitch and purl stitch looks like. SONY DSC Will definitely do another seed stitch pattern again 🙂


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