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Progress Pictures for Baby Blanket

Well, I did find an awesome blue Ultra Comfy fabric (similar to a Minky fabric) to use as my backing for this baby blanket. Oh it is just so soft and comfy!!  It is all machine washable and tumble dry low which is perfect for a baby because you know how messy they can be.  🙂 I have already washed and dried the blue fabric and it came out wonderful.  It is just waiting for me to finish my crocheting. Here are some updated pictures on my crochet progress for my special baby blanket.  Currently, my blanket measures 36″ wide x 28″ long~~adding another 5″ to the length. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC I’ve decided that the edge of the blanket needs a little something.  I am going to crochet a small border of HDC (half double crochet) stitches around the entire blanket probably stitching in the BLO (back loop only) to give a nice finished appearance. Then I’m planning to do 1 row of SC (single crochet)  join, chain 2, 1 row of DC (double crochet) BLO (back loop only) and then fasten off.  The SC and DC rows will become my binding edge that I will fold over the raw edge of the blue fabric. I am planning to machine stitch the blanket to the crocheting to make it really secure.  I’ve also decided to make some small white hearts trimmed out in blue to randomly place across the top of the crocheting to help hold both pieces of fabric together. Goal is to have everything completed within the next 10 days and will try to post some more pictures of the finished blanket.  I will probably make a little white beanie too!!


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