Last Minute Easy One Skein Crochet Scarves

Amazing how fast this year has gone and here we are approaching another Christmas!!  And, if you are like me, I always seem to be making gifts at the last minute too.  I just love giving handmade gifts even if they are really small like a simple bowl to put your rings in or hold those small items that seem to gather on your dresser or counters.  At the current time, I’ve been crocheting fun, quick neck warmers to wrap and place under the tree.  Here are some pictures and directions to help you make some of those last minute gifts too!!

DC Cross Stitch/HDC

Chunky Cowl/HDC

Scalloped Edge Scarf

Double Crochet Cross Stitch/HDC

The first picture shows my extra long scarf that is perfect for several wraps around your neck.  For this one, I used a lovely Oink Pigment yarn (Helix) and a Size H crochet hook.  The skein of yarn had 400 yards and I used all of it to complete this design.  I started off by making a HDC foundation crocheting 22 stitches.

Round 1:  Turn, chain 3, *skip first stitch, make a double crochet in next stitch, then cross over and make another DC in the stitch that you just skipped.  Repeat from * until to reach the last stitch and then make 1 double crochet.  Here’s a great site for the New Stitch A Day cross double crochet stitch – you will complete a total of 10 cross over stitches using 20 stitches.

Round 2:  Next row turn, chain 3 (counts as a stitch) make 21 HDC stitches for a total of 22 stitches across.

Now repeat rounds 1 and 2 until you reach the desired length of your scarf. Remember, to end you scarf with Round 2.


Chunky Cowl/HDC

For this pattern, I basically followed a cool design that I found on one of my favorite sites, Hopeful Honey with just a few changes.  I used a great Heartland yarn, Thick and Quick by Lion Brand (super bulky/category 6) for this cowl and a Size N crochet hook. Total yardage was 125 yards and I used the whole skein.  If you want your cowl to be a little bigger or longer, you might want to use 2 skeins of this awesome yarn.  So warm and soft to wrap up in.  I began with a HDC foundation stitch (55 stitches, like pattern directions).  Then followed the directions but I only completed 14 rows and the last row I completed 55 HDC in each stitch.  This Basic Chunky Cowl pattern works up super quick too.


Scalloped Edge Scarf

I used my scalloped edge pattern but this time I started off with 21 stitches (multiples of 3) and had 6 scallops along the bottom and top edges.  I found a cute yarn by Red Heart called Gumdrop (color Smoothie) that I loved – nice bright, cheery colors and thought this would be perfect for a child’s scarf.  This yarn had 204 yards (worsted weight/category 4) and I crocheted this with a Size H hook. Came out soft and cuddly.  If you want this a little longer,  follow the pattern beginning with 15 stitches and use a Size G hook.   Again, I  just crocheted using up the entire skein of yarn to complete this fun, colorful scarf.  Now I need to go and get some more yarn to make a matching beanie ūüôā

Enjoy these quick and easy patterns and hopefully they will help you complete those last minute gifts too!!




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Progress Pictures for Baby Blanket

Well, I did find an awesome blue Ultra Comfy fabric (similar to a Minky fabric) to use as my backing for this baby blanket. Oh it is just so soft and comfy!! ¬†It is all machine washable and tumble dry low which is perfect for a baby because you know how messy they can be. ¬†ūüôā

I have already washed and dried the blue fabric and it came out wonderful.  It is just waiting for me to finish my crocheting.

Here are some updated pictures on my crochet progress for my special baby blanket. ¬†Currently, my blanket measures 36″ wide x 28″ long~~adding another 5″ to the length.


I’ve decided that the edge of the blanket needs a little something. ¬†I am going to crochet a small border of HDC (half double crochet) stitches around the entire blanket probably stitching in the BLO (back loop only) to give a nice finished appearance.

Then I’m planning to do 1 row of SC (single crochet) ¬†join, chain 2, 1 row of DC (double crochet) BLO (back loop only) and then fasten off. ¬†The SC and DC rows will become my binding edge that I will fold over the raw edge of the blue fabric.

I am planning to machine stitch the blanket to the crocheting to make it really secure. ¬†I’ve also decided to make some small white hearts trimmed out in blue to randomly place across the top of the crocheting to help hold both pieces of fabric together.

Goal is to have everything completed within the next 10 days and will try to post some more pictures of the finished blanket.  I will probably make a little white beanie too!!


Crocheted Baby Blanket with Fleece

I saw a clever technique on Pinterest (added it to my Crochet Ideas board) and then went on a quest to find the right crochet pattern, especially since I need a baby gift for May.

After searching through a wide range of patterns (Ravelry included) I actually settled on a design that I found on the Lion Brand website.  It is one of their free patterns and I think it will work perfectly for this idea.  Just click on highlighted Lion Brand website and it will take you directly to the pattern that I am doing.

Here are a couple of pictures of my work in progress.  I have used the Lion Brand Pound of Love and a Size I crochet hook.


Actually, I think this crochet blanket would be super for any donations that you might be considering.  It really is very easy, great for evenings when you want to watch or listen to a little TV while sipping a nice wine too!!

Anyways (I’m ready for that glass of wine) the idea I saw was attaching fleece to the wrong side of the blanket for added warmth.¬† I’ve gone to the site a couple of times, translated to English but the directions are not very clear but some good pictures.

So this is what I am planning to do.  When I have finished making the blanket, I am going to do one row of single crochet completely around the edge.  Will join with a slip stitch, chain 2 and then complete a row of double crochet (maybe treble crochet???) into the back loop of the single crochet row.  Join and then fasten off.  Then just fold this edge over the fleece edge and machine stitch the crocheted blanket to the fleece.  I will probably sew with a small zigzag stitch.   The edge you just crocheted will be only be visible on the back/fleece side of the blanket.

I will probably have to do some small hand tacking placed randomly so the fleece won’t pull away from the crocheted blanket.¬† Want everything to be able to handle machine washing.

Maybe some cute appliques would be a nice touch and I could sew them onto the blanket and through the fleece to secure everything.

Heading out to the store tomorrow and will look for some fleece to use.¬† Will keep you posted on my progress and let you know how this turns out.¬† I don’t know why I always try to do something I’ve never done before as a¬†gift!!


p.s.¬†¬†Just click here to¬†find my crochet ideas¬†on Pinterest¬†ūüôā