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Crocheted Baby Blanket with Fleece

I saw a clever technique on Pinterest (added it to my Crochet Ideas board) and then went on a quest to find the right crochet pattern, especially since I need a baby gift for May.

After searching through a wide range of patterns (Ravelry included) I actually settled on a design that I found on the Lion Brand website.  It is one of their free patterns and I think it will work perfectly for this idea.  Just click on highlighted Lion Brand website and it will take you directly to the pattern that I am doing.

Here are a couple of pictures of my work in progress.  I have used the Lion Brand Pound of Love and a Size I crochet hook.


Actually, I think this crochet blanket would be super for any donations that you might be considering.  It really is very easy, great for evenings when you want to watch or listen to a little TV while sipping a nice wine too!!

Anyways (I’m ready for that glass of wine) the idea I saw was attaching fleece to the wrong side of the blanket for added warmth.  I’ve gone to the site a couple of times, translated to English but the directions are not very clear but some good pictures.

So this is what I am planning to do.  When I have finished making the blanket, I am going to do one row of single crochet completely around the edge.  Will join with a slip stitch, chain 2 and then complete a row of double crochet (maybe treble crochet???) into the back loop of the single crochet row.  Join and then fasten off.  Then just fold this edge over the fleece edge and machine stitch the crocheted blanket to the fleece.  I will probably sew with a small zigzag stitch.   The edge you just crocheted will be only be visible on the back/fleece side of the blanket.

I will probably have to do some small hand tacking placed randomly so the fleece won’t pull away from the crocheted blanket.  Want everything to be able to handle machine washing.

Maybe some cute appliques would be a nice touch and I could sew them onto the blanket and through the fleece to secure everything.

Heading out to the store tomorrow and will look for some fleece to use.  Will keep you posted on my progress and let you know how this turns out.  I don’t know why I always try to do something I’ve never done before as a gift!!


p.s.  Just click here to find my crochet ideas on Pinterest 🙂


Crochet Heart Pattern Free ~ Updated

Here’s another quick (a little different) version to my fun, little crocheted applique heart pattern.


My example here, I have used a size G crochet hook and some acrylic yarn.


With this pattern, I began by crocheting the “magic loop” and making 12 HDC.


Slip stitch in the 1st HDC to join your loop making a circle.  You can pull a little bit on the magic loop tail but don’t pull it totally closed until you  have completed your heart.


Make another slip stitch (SL) in the next HDC stitch.  Chain 4 and crochet 2 treble crochets in that same space.

In 3rd HDC ~~ crochet 3 treble crochets

In 4th HDC ~~ crochet 1 half treble crochet then 1 double crochet

In 5th HDC ~~ crochet 2 double crochets

In 6th HDC ~~ crochet 2 double crochets


In 7th HDC ~~ crochet 1 half treble stitch, 1 treble stitch, 1 half treble stitch (this creates the bottom point of the heart)

In 8th HDC ~~ crochet 2 double crochets

In 9th HDC ~~ crochet 2 double crochets

In 10th HDC ~~ crochet 1 double crochet then 1 half treble crochet

In 11th HDC ~~ crochet 3 treble crochets

In 12th HDC ~~ crochet 2 treble crochets, chain 3 (this is one chain less than the beginning chain which will help create a better curve for the top of your heart), and 1 single crochet.


Cut your yarn and pull it all the way through the stitch leaving a yarn tail on the right side of your heart.  Now flip your heart to the wrong side and slipping your hook through the very first slip stitch that you made, pull your yarn tail to the back.


Now you want to take the tail from your magic loop and pull that tight to your liking.  Make a square knot with your two tails and weave in the ends.


What I love about this pattern is that it lends itself to almost any time of yarn and size hook.  I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do and send some pictures of what you have done with your hearts 🙂


Please remember that this is my pattern not for your use to reproduce or redistribute in any way!!  Crocheting your own hearts can be used in any way you want but it would be greatly appreciated if you could give me credit for the design ~ www.stitch4ever.com.    Thanks so much 🙂



A Wee Bit Irish


Almost Leprechaun time so I just wanted to share again my Shamrock pattern (free) since St. Patrick’s Day will be coming up soon.  This is a really easy pattern and is perfect to adhere a pin back for a cute clothing accessory or attach a small piece of a self-adhesive magnetic strip and you have a fun magnet for your refrigerator, etc.

Turning it into a key chain charm with just a few extra chain stitches would be super so you could it hang from a backpack or zippered pouch.  Or just use it as a simple applique and sew it to a pillow, headband, cup cozy, napkin ring whatever you choose.


Have fun with this design and I would love to see your pictures too.  Remember that the pattern is my own original design and selling it is not acceptable.  However, I have no problem with you sharing or selling your finished product.  It would be fantastic if you could refer back to this website if you post pictures on-line.  Thanks so much 🙂



Crochet Shamrock – Free Pattern

I know there are a ton of crochet shamrock patterns out there in the great big web world but for some reason I just wasn’t finding that “perfect” clover I was picturing in my mind!! SONY DSC  So after spending an entire evening crocheting, ripping out, crocheting again, ripping out (you get the point), I finally came up with this particular design.  I really like the final results and I know it will be a super design for my particular needs.  Hopefully, you will enjoy making the pattern and find many, many uses for this cute little “Luck of the Irish”!!


My design used scraps of green cotton yarn (Lily Sugar ‘n Cream – dark pine) and a size G crochet hook.

Stitches used:  CH (chain), SC (single crochet), TR (triple crochet), HDC (half double crochet), SL (slip stitch).  Directions in US crochet terms.

I began using the “magic” loop technique crocheting 6 SC and joining with a SL in first SC.  Slip stitch (SL) in next stitch then crochet 3 CH, 1 TR, 1 HDC, 1 TR, 3 CH, 1 SL (all in that same stitch), SL in next stitch, SL in next stitch then crochet  3 CH, 1 TR, 1 HDC, 1 TR, 3 CH 1 SL,  SL in next stitch, SL in next stitch then crochet 3 CH, 1 TR, 1 HDC, 1 TR, 3 CH, 1 SL, SL in next stitch, CH 5, skip first chain and SL in remaining 4 chains to create stem.  Slip stitch back through the stitch you used to crochet 5 chains and fasten off.  You can just finger shape the leaves on your clover or you can steam them.



Newborn/Preemie Crochet Pattern

Just discovered a fellow crocheter from Ravelry  (a wonderful crochet/knit site) who has been busy making my newborn/preemie crochet beanie pattern and donating them to her local hospital.  Way to go Loz!!

Check out her website http://xloz68x.wordpress.com/ to see her cute beanies!!

Let me know if anyone else has been making these too!!  They really are easy and loads of fun to make and for a wonderful cause.