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Magnetic Clasp Sewing Tips

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I like using the magnetic clasps for many projects.  Recently was sewing a very small tab closure and used the tab for one part of the magnetic clasp.  Because I was doing top stitching for a nice finished edge, the metal clasp was on the bottom and would catch on the feed dogs and would slip a little.

SONY DSCSo had to get the creative juices flowing and figure out what I could do to prevent that clasp catching on the feed dogs.  After rummaging through my sewing drawers to see what I had on hand,  I decided to use repositionable scotch tape to place over the magnetic clasp.  Made for a very smooth underside of my tab closure and the clasp slid along the feed dogs without catching!!  Because I used repositionable or removable scotch tape, it left no residue on the clasp or my fabric.





Another little tip I find helpful, is to use some iron-on pellon fleece on the wrong side of the fabric that doesn’t hold the magnetic clasp.  It gives a little cushion so that your clasp outline doesn’t show on the right side of your finished work.

Also, because of the small size of the tab, using my zipper foot kept the pressure foot from resting on the tab too so that my top stitching came out perfect every time!!


Hope these additional little tips or suggestions will help you too when you are using magnetic clasps for your projects.  🙂


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